MDGs Reporting Training for Journaist:


Africa already admitted that the global target of 2015 for the attainment of the MDGs is beyond its reach. This reality however confers an imperative to mobilize critical institutional support towards the Millennium Development Goals for the benefit of the people of Nigeria. The one institution with a compelling influence on all strata of society is the media, thus, the need to seize and harness the power of the mass media to achieve targeted mark in the various sectors of the MDGs before it gets too late. We realise that the attaining the MDGs will depend largely on the informative and educational roles of the media and the civil society, and in mobilizing the media as an institution to perform her constitutional duty of setting development agenda, it becomes important first, to raise awareness and expertise amongst media practitioners given industry concerns about the low level of professionalism in our newsrooms. Our MDGs module addresses this concern and has seen reporters in Osun, Oyo and Ogun state benefit from our training as we make effort to expand our reach and impact.