Budget and Public Accountability Training


With average annual revenue of about $50.7 billion, the Nigerian state is unable to maintain descent infrastructures, schools, hospitals and decently feed its estimated 170-million people, half of the sub regional demographic force. The paradox however, is that Nigeria's fledgling democracy is under-written by gross elite greed and cronyism that needs to be tackled before the country can make progress. The media has a strong role to play in that process especially in helping to sustain a culture of accountability and good governance. In this regard, Projekthope has trained over 50 professional journalists in the following key specialities:

•Accountability in public policy
•Due process mechanism
•Anti-corruption reporting methodology
•Techniques of public expenditure survey
•Budget tracking methods and analysis
•Forensic accounting
•Forensic photography
•Specialized law enforcement investigative techniques

Several of the journalists on this training program has gone ahead to distinguish themselves in the Nigerian media industry, and today form the core hub of the nation’s network of investigative reporters.

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